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Price Family Orthodontics Offers Several Types of Braces in Frisco

Crooked teeth? Uncomfortable bite? Few things lower your self-esteem like being unable to chew, bite, smile or speak properly. Without straight teeth or proper jaw alignment, both your overall health and appearance are affected. Whether you’re a child, teen or adult, it’s important to make sure you have a good bite.

Fortunately, orthodontic treatments can give you a healthy bite that lasts a lifetime. There are a variety of braces types, however, so it’s important to research them and get a consultation with Dr. Price to find out which is best for you.

Here are some of the types of braces our Frisco office specializes in:

  • Ceramic/Clear: These braces are made of clear material, making them a popular choice for adults. While more fragile than other options, they’re more discreet and have cosmetic appeal.
  • Metal: Similar to clear braces, but made of metal, these braces are among the most durable of the braces types.
  • Self-Ligating: Worried your braces will be super-uncomfortable? Self-ligating may be the best option for you. These braces feature sliding brackets, which are more comfortable and result in a shorter treatment time and less trips to the office.
  • Invisalign®: More of a system than actual braces, these offer the ultimate in customization thanks to computer-generated templates that gradually adjust your teeth. It’s perfect for patients with certain bite issues, so a consultation is recommended.
  • In-Ovation®: One of the newest amongst the types of braces, In-Ovation features a lower profile and no elastic or metal ties. They’re self-ligating, so you might just forget they’re there. In-Ovation also offers less chair time, fewer office visits and shorter overall treatment times.
  • Damon - Insignia®: The latest advancement in orthodontic technology, these braces have the benefit of both self-ligation and customization. Each bracket is made to fit your teeth specifically and is designed with the detailed movements necessary to move your teeth to the final position. With the Insignia technology, you are able to get a 3D digital view of your new smile before you even begin. Since your beautiful smile is designed digitally before the braces are ever placed, we can control the movements better and reach our goals more quickly. For you this can mean the same beautiful results in less time (on average approximately 6 months less).

Whatever your age, you’ll have a reason to smile once you find the perfect type of braces. Schedule your consultation at our Frisco office today!

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