Can an Orthodontist Fix My Smile?

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An orthodontist is a dental professional who has the ability to fix, repair, and transform a person’s smile. They are trained to provide orthodontic treatment to people who are in need of a new smile. In this day and age, there are many ways that an orthodontist can fix a person’s teeth. Over the years, technology has improved quite a bit, enabling advancements to be made on a regular basis. When it comes to orthodontic care, this means that result times are quicker and longer lasting and that maximum comfort is ensured throughout the process. 

If you are considering orthodontic treatment to fix your smile, then you may find this article to be helpful. We go over what an orthodontist can do to fix a person’s smile and how it all works. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know.

How an orthodontist can fix a smile

With modern technology, there is more than one way that an orthodontist can fix a person’s smile. Patients should review this information during the research process so they are aware of all of their available options. 

Traditional braces

Traditional metal braces are the most well-known method of orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists still use braces to help fix a person’s smile. They are reliable and strong and are known to fix crooked teeth and uneven bites.

Traditional braces rely on metal brackets and wires to straighten teeth that are crooked. These brackets go on the surface of each tooth, and the wires connect them all. An orthodontist will determine how long braces are necessary, as well as how often adjustments should be made.

Generally speaking, traditional braces are needed anywhere from six months to two years. More severe cases of crowding, crookedness, or uneven bites might require more time wearing the braces, whereas mild cases may only require wearing them for six months to a year. 

The orthodontist will require the patient to visit the office every month or so throughout the braces treatment process. During these appointments, progression is monitored and adjustments are made. The adjustments can leave the patients' teeth feeling tender or sore for a couple of days, which is normal and can be combated with over-the-counter pain relievers. 

Clear braces

One popular approach to fixing a person’s smile is clear braces. Many orthodontists are recommending clear braces because they are discreet and do not draw as much attention to the mouth. Clear braces are quite similar to traditional metal ones except the brackets are tooth colored and the wires are clear. However, the idea and approach are still the same as traditional braces. Orthodontists recommend clear braces because they do the same thing that traditional ones do, but they are hard to notice, which is advantageous for those who feel self-conscious about their teeth.


Orthodontists can fix a person’s smile with aligners. Most aligners offer flexibility and discreetness. Most of them are clear in color, so they are hard to notice. Since they are also removable, they can be convenient for eating and brushing.

Many orthodontists offer aligners as a dental restoration option, but it is important to remember that due to the flexibility of aligners, the treatment process relies heavily on the person wearing them. They can only do their job if they are worn as often as recommended by the dentist. Typically, the required wear time is 22 hours a day, and removal should only be done when eating or performing oral hygiene. 

During the aligners treatment process, the orthodontist prints out the entire series. In some cases, the orthodontist requires the patient to come into the office to change aligner sets, which is typically done every other month. In other cases, the patients are provided with all the aligners and change them at home on their own. In this case, the orthodontist does not have to be visited as often. That said, it should be noted that aligners are best suited for addressing mild orthodontic issues. 

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