Do Clear Aligners Hurt?

Clear Aligners Frisco, TX

For many patients, clear aligners are the obvious answer for adjusting teeth and correcting bite dysfunctions. When your teeth are crooked or if you have other issues with your smile, there is a different strategy other than metal braces. Aligners are not only less visible than braces, but this treatment can also be more comfortable.

Differences in looks

To address bite problems or misaligned teeth, some people automatically think of braces. While these metal brackets and wires can be effective, they are not right for everyone. In many cases, clear aligners make more sense. While braces stand out and may even cause self-conscious patients anxiety and stress, aligners should not have this problem. Aligners are clear and made of plastic. The appliance fits over the person’s mouth and moves the teeth into the proper place.

Comfort level

Many people who wear braces can overcome feelings of fear and nervousness about their appearance. Still, there are other concerns about this traditional treatment. Braces tend to cut up the person’s mouth and can leave sores on the gums, lips or tongue, but clear aligners do not have this same effect. There can also be pain and discomfort when wearing braces. Aligners do take getting used to, but the patient should become accustomed to the appliance within a few days. Having the appliance in the mouth should not cause any pain.


Patients who get metal braces know that the braces are going to be on the teeth for the next couple of years. The metal pieces are cemented to the teeth and not removable. The patient can take out the clear aligners for brushing and flossing. Most orthodontists will ask the patient to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, so the patient can remove the mouthpiece for eating, public speaking and other social settings if necessary.

Frequent adjustments

From the person’s first orthodontic appointment, the team will develop a treatment plan. The orthodontists will take X-rays and make a digital mold of the patient’s teeth and mouth. From these, the aligners are made. The patient will come into the office about every month for a new appliance. The replacement will account for the changes in the patient’s mouth.

Office visits

The clear aligners are lightweight but also strong and durable. However, it is possible for them to rip or tear. If the person detects any damage to the appliance, they should contact the orthodontist as soon as possible. Do not continue to wear damaged aligners. It is important to handle the aligners with care and keep them clean.

Go for it

If you want a shorter treatment time, along with a comfortable, invisible solution, try clear aligners. They have helped many patients. Experience the benefits this appliance can provide. Give your orthodontist a call today and discuss your goals and needs. In less than 12 months, you can witness a transformation in your mouth and feel better about the way you look and feel.

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