How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?

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You are familiar with dental work, but orthodontic treatment and care may be more foreign. Unless you are a rarity and your teeth and jaw have no problems, you will likely benefit from seeing an orthodontist. The professional has the training and knowledge to help you overcome troubling issues such as crossbite, overbite or underbite. By putting braces on your teeth and giving you additional care, the orthodontist can take even the most severe cases and give you the smile you have always wanted.

When to seek orthodontic care

Timing is one of the biggest questions people have about seeing an orthodontist. While most small children should start to visit the dentist as soon as they have teeth, the wait can be a little longer for the orthodontist. Still, dental professionals recommend starting appointments with the orthodontist as early as age 7. During this time, a child’s teeth and jaw are still growing and changing. It can be an effective period to start treatments.

Patients who can benefit

Many people struggle with a variety of teeth and jaw issues. The orthodontist will strive to correct these problems. While not everyone will need this attention, it is helpful for people to understand the signs that corrective action may be necessary. In addition to the bite dysfunctions, orthodontists can also help a patient who has lost many teeth, spacing issues or misalignments. Having crooked teeth is one of the most common problems these professionals see. There are virtually no age restrictions for seeing an orthodontist.

The first visit

At the initial visit, the patient and orthodontist will discuss the condition of the teeth, mouth and jaw. The orthodontist will explain what problems exist. This professional will also tell the patient what methods and treatments could be most effective to provide relief. Staff members will take X-rays of the patient’s mouth and will also make a mold of the teeth and jaw. Then the orthodontist will discuss treatment options with the patient and the parents, if applicable.


Braces are probably the most common and popular orthodontic solutions. These metal wires and brackets put pressure on the teeth and force them to slowly move over time into their correct positions. The patient may also wear elastics, either alone or with braces. A retainer could be a viable solution, as well. Most people wear this apparatus after the orthodontist removes the braces, however. Space maintainers, or spacers, could work for patients who have to open up spaces between teeth. Regardless of what the orthodontist chooses, the patient will make regular visits throughout the treatment.

Go for it

The thought of getting braces may scare you, but it does not have to. This treatment can do a great job at reviving your smile and helping you have straight teeth and a proper bite. Your orthodontist will closely monitor your teeth to make sure the treatment is doing its job properly. Stop being embarrassed about your teeth. Call your orthodontist today and make an appointment for an evaluation.

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