Orthodontist Treatment Options for Crowded Teeth

Orthodontist Treatment Options for Crowded Teeth from Price Family Orthodontics in Frisco, TXSeeing an orthodontist is critical if you want to straighten your teeth or correct other cosmetic issues with your smile. Another common problem that people have is having too many teeth to fit properly inside the mouth. When teeth crowd each other, you can have pain or may struggle with oral hygiene issues. Fortunately, there are different approaches you can take to correct this problem. The team at your orthodontics office can talk to you about the right solution.

More consequences of having crowded teeth

A person’s smile is one of the first things others notice. Crowded teeth can hinder this. When there are too many teeth in the mouth to fit well, it can make the teeth crooked, uneven, and jagged. There are health implications as well. A person with crowded teeth is more likely to develop gum disease. The teeth can also wear and cause strain on the jaw and muscles.

When a person has crowded teeth, headaches can result. The individual may also not be able to chew effectively. This can lead to poor digestion. It is also possible to have disorders of the temporomandibular joint.

Metal braces

Traditional braces have long been a method of fixing crowded teeth. An orthodontist will often recommend this as the first option for treating this issue. Metal braces consist of brackets, wires, and elastic bands. The braces put pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move into the right places. Before getting braces, the patient may have spacers in the mouth to create more room for the teeth to move.

Clear braces

Clear braces work the same as traditional ones. The difference is in how they look. These braces are made of ceramic and are thus the same color as teeth. It is difficult for others to tell when a person has these on. Because clear braces do not stand out as much, this can be a good option for people who are self-conscious about their appearance.

Clear aligners

Aligners are plastic mouthguards that fit over the teeth. These also force the teeth to move and un-crowding the mouth. Aligners are virtually invisible. This treatment is often faster than braces. Plus, aligners are more comfortable and are less prone to causing sores on the gums, tongue, and cheeks. Patients will not have to wear the aligners continually throughout the day either.


A retainer can be fixed or permanent. This is not a good option for straightening teeth. However, an orthodontist may choose this treatment for mild crowding in the mouth. The retainer can move teeth enough to create the necessary space for the person to have the attractive smile they want.

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Your orthodontist has the right treatment for your needs

Having crowded teeth can be uncomfortable and affect your smile. You may also have oral health challenges. You can take comfort to know that there is a way to improve your appearance. With braces, aligners, or a retainer, you may be able to correct these concerns. Make an appointment today and get the help you need.

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