What Is Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment and How Does It Work?

Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment Frisco, TX

An accelerated orthodontic treatment is much better than traditional teeth straightening systems. Patients always want to know how long they have to wear teeth-straightening devices. With this orthodontic treatment, you will not need years to finish your treatment. If you want to learn more about this treatment and how it works, here are the details.

The definition

There is always a demand for quick teeth-straightening methods. Accelerated orthodontic treatment combines teeth-straightening devices and special techniques for moving teeth. Traditional teeth-straightening systems apply gradual pressure on teeth to align them. In an accelerated way, that slight pressure works with a little help from a simple surgery.

The aim of this treatment is to speed up the movement of teeth. This is possible with minor oral surgery before the patient wears the devices. The orthodontist takes out part of the bone that keeps the tooth sockets secure. Once this bone weakens, the movement of the patient’s teeth to the right position becomes quicker. The patient will then wear the devices a week after the procedure. This minor change in the oral structure shortens the wait time from one to three years to three to eight months.

Another way to speed up the movement of teeth is to create a little trauma. Here, the orthodontist will shave the bones and gums into the right shape. The shaving will stimulate bone growth. It will also result in faster teeth alignment. This method cuts down the treatment time by 50%.

A non-invasive way to quicken the movement of teeth is to use a device that releases micro-pulses. The minute vibrations trigger bone growth. This results in faster teeth alignment. The non-invasive method involves wearing a mouthpiece for about 20 minutes daily. The FDA approved this type of accelerated treatment.

What accelerated orthodontic treatment can provide

Short treatment time is the main benefit of this treatment. Patients have many reasons to want a shorter treatment time. Adult patients are the ones who need shorter time with teeth-straightening devices. At this age, patients find these devices as obstructive to work and personal life.

Orthodontic patients are often put off by the appearance of braces. It is a good thing that patients can choose whatever type of braces. Lingual, metal, and ceramic braces are all available. The choice depends on the needs and preferences of the patient.

An accelerated orthodontic treatment is a good investment. If the patient gets it as a child, then the health benefits will show as the patient grows. Most patients enjoy the advantages of accelerated orthodontic treatment. It enables patients to have good oral health and general health at the same time.

Improve your oral health in the shortest time possible

Most people want to get a teeth-straightening system that suits their busy schedules. Accelerated orthodontic treatment can help you achieve dental alignment in a shorter period. Asking your orthodontist about this treatment is the first step toward good health. Schedule a consultation today.

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