What to Expect at First Orthodontic Evaluation

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Orthodontic care has helped people of all ages achieve the smile they want. Treatment can also be effective at correcting jaw conditions, bite dysfunctions and crooked teeth. If you or a child has any of these issues, it could be beneficial to make an appointment with an orthodontist. The right time to meet with one of these professionals is sooner than later. If you are getting ready for your initial visit, it is nice to have preparation and knowledge beforehand.

How patients know it is time to see an orthodontist

Oral care should be as critical to a person as any other aspect of one’s overall well-being. Many oral issues could develop during a person’s life. A dentist can handle many of these, including cavities, tooth infections, or broken or cracked teeth. When a person has crooked teeth, a crowded mouth or bite problems, orthodontic care is the right solution to seek. Anyone with an underbite, overbite, crossbite or improperly aligned teeth should make an appointment with an orthodontist.

Testing the bite

At a patient’s first appointment, the orthodontist will measure the person’s bite. This will help the orthodontist detect any issues that will need correction. A staff member will also take digital photographs to assist with the bite-testing process. The orthodontist will carefully evaluate these procedures for any abnormalities and dysfunctions.

Pictures of teeth

Next, the patient will have a panoramic X-ray of the mouth to give the orthodontist a look at the teeth. This picture will reveal whether the patient is missing any teeth or if any permanent teeth still have not come in. This X-ray will also show the strength of the bones and whether they will be able to handle the force braces will put upon them. If the bones are too weak, it may be necessary to choose a different option to help the teeth and bite.


The orthodontist will want to have a good look at the teeth placement. An impression will help accomplish this. The patient will bite into a tray filled with a substance called alginate. This will create a mold of the person’s mouth. From this, the orthodontist will also determine which teeth need prompt attention.

Orthodontic action plan

After the orthodontist has all the essential information about the patient’s teeth and jaw, it will be time for a consultation. The orthodontist will speak to the patient and caregivers about an effective treatment plan. This may involve wearing braces, spacers, elastics, a headgear or retainer. The timeline will also be clear to the patient at this evaluation. The orthodontist will answer any questions and let the patient share concerns at this time.

Get started

The faster you begin treatment to straighten your teeth or fix your jaw, the sooner you’ll have the smile you want. Your orthodontist has the training, knowledge and methods to help you achieve your oral health goals. Your first appointment will help begin the process of care for your teeth. Call your orthodontist today and make an appointment.

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