Damon™ Smile

We love innovative approaches to orthodontic treatment, so it is no surprise that we are proud providers of the Damon System. Damon braces are designed to be more effective and less visible than traditional braces. Chances are, they will be an excellent choice for your treatment.

Braces Without Elastic Ties

Elastic ties are used in traditional metal braces. While they are vital to that system, they place a lot of pressure on the teeth and require numerous adjustments, which means lots of office visits. They also make the braces bigger and more obvious.

Damon braces do not need elastic ties. A special slide mechanism in the brackets holds wires in place. This means your teeth hurt less and move faster, while you get to go longer between appointments.

The Benefits of Trusting in Damon

  • You are benefiting from some of the most innovative technology in orthodontics.
  • The lack of ties means less friction, which translates into greater comfort for you
  • Because you come into the office less often, you don’t need to rearrange your schedule to accommodate treatment
  • Thanks to the way Damon works, treatment finishes faster.
  • If all of this sounds great to you, it is time to see us and find out if you can become a Damon braces patient.