What is standing between you and the smile you dream of?

If it is concern over how you will look with braces, do not worry—Insignia braces have you covered. These braces are custom made for each patient, ensuring a perfect fit. And unlike traditional braces, these have minimal components and a small profile, making them much more attractive.

Accurate, Predictable Results

Using digital imaging, we create a treatment plan that perfectly meets your needs. Based on this plan, custom archwires will be crafted to guide your teeth into place. These wires reduce treatment time and deliver better results than many other braces systems.

The Benefits of Insignia

Some of the plus sides of Insignia treatment include:

  • Fully personalized treatment
  • Limited time in braces
  • Precise placement for precise results
  • Efficient tooth movement
  • Minimal appointments
  • An amazing smile

If you want treatment that is attractive and effective, Insignia could be the right solution for you, Contact us to learn more.