iTero® Digital Impression System

Goop, gagging, and discomfort—this pretty much sums up the experience of getting a traditional impression. Luckily, if you choose Price Family Orthodontics, that is a thing of the past. We utilize new technology that allows us to not just get an impression of your teeth, but to accurately map your entire dental anatomy—and we do it all using a small hand-held wand.

That’s right—the goop, the gagging, and the discomfort are no more.

How It Is Done

We utilize the iTero digital scanner in our diagnostic process, allowing us to deliver more accurate treatment in way that allows patients to relax and get excited about treatment.

The scanner digitally captures multiple elements of the dental anatomy, including the teeth, gums, and bones. It utilizes innovative optical technology. We use a small wand that is placed inside the mouth and then carefully moved around. We can start and stop the process to ensure you are comfortable.

The laser is radiation-free and the process is complete in as little as two or three minutes. The end product is a 3D digital rendering of your mouth that we can use to predict treatment results, design appliances, and more.