PROPEL Orthodontics

It is something we see time and time again: patients want an improved smile, but they are not interested in spending years in active treatment. If this sounds like you, we have a way to reduce the time you spend wearing braces. It is called PROPEL, and with it, you might get the smile of your dreams in just a year.

How Does Propel Work?

PROPEL uses your own biology to make treatment go faster. It stimulates the bone that surrounds the teeth, facilitating faster movement. You finish sooner and see us less often. We can complete it here in our office, no invasive procedures or surgery required.

Is It Safe?

PROPEL is both safe and comfortable. Most patients report no discomfort at all. Zero recovery time is needed and once the procedure is done, you go back to life as normal.


PROPEL is not for everyone, but roughly 80 percent of our patients can receive PROPEL treatment. We can use it with any treatment type, from headgear to braces. To learn more, contact our office.