Rewards Program

Earn 10 “Price Punches” in our Ortho Rewards Program and you get to spin the prize wheel.

How to Earn “Price Punches”

  • Oral hygiene: clean teeth, healthy gums = 1 punch
  • Braces: nothing lost/loose/broken = 1 punch
  • Elastics/appliances: wear as instructed = 1 punch
  • Grades: show us your report card when you earn an A = 1 punch
  • Reach a goal: set a goal, tell us about it, then reach it = 1 punch
  • Appointment: arrive on time to regular scheduled appointment = 1 punch
  • Dentist: regular dental checkup and cleaning = 1 punch
  • Tag Us: selfies or other photos online that tag @pricefamilyortho = 1 punch
  • Review Us: Tell us what you think on Yelp or Google+ = 5 punches
  • Refer a friend: when they come in for an exam/start treatment = 1 punch /5 punches

Patient Rewards

Spin the Prize Wheel

  • Every 10 punches earn a chance to spin the wheel and win gift cards for some of your favorite local stores!

This is our way of saying: “Congratulations on your achievements and thanks for being such a great patient!”