4 Tips for Flossing with Braces

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Looking for information on how to floss while wearing braces? Flossing is an important oral care technique to utilize in order to ensure oral health concerns do not develop. Unfortunately, however, all too many braces patients put off flossing properly as it can be more difficult to do so. In addition, flossing incorrectly with braces may damage them and result in the need for a visit to the orthodontist.

How to floss with braces

Although it can be more challenging to floss effectively with braces, knowing how to do so properly can ensure you keep your teeth healthy and get rid of any food particles that become trapped. The following are four useful tips for flossing while wearing braces.

1. Try a floss threader

Many dentists recommend using a floss threader when flossing with braces. A floss threader makes the process easier by allowing patients to pass floss through the teeth without affecting the wire of the braces in any manner. WIthout a floss threader, getting the floss in between harder to reach teeth can be difficult, and it is simply much easier and has less of an effect on the braces to use a floss threader.

2. Thread behind the wire

One of the more important tips is to thread the floss behind the wire of the braces. In order to accomplish this, you need to slide the floss on the other side of the braces, and then proceed to floss between the teeth. Most who floss incorrectly with braces may try to go through the teeth first without considering the braces wire, which may cause them to pull on the wire or just floss ineffectively, and this can be avoided by threading behind the wire first.

3. Floss up and down

Another important tip when it comes to flossing with braces is to go up and down, rather than side to side. It is more natural for many to go side to side when flossing, and it is not necessarily a bad technique when braces are not involved. However, for those who are wearing braces, it is important to floss in up-and-down motions in order to ensure the wire is not tugged on.

4. Go slowly and do not rush

It is important to take your time while flossing with braces, and one of the more common mistakes people make is trying to get the job done too quickly. The fact of the matter is, flossing is not the most fun experience in the world, but doing a good job can ensure teeth and gums remain healthy and the braces treatment is as effective as possible. Be sure to go slowly and floss carefully between teeth.

Talk to an orthodontist about braces

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